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can be a victim of stalking. The act of stalking is a significant problem in our society that impacts everyone and will not be tolerated. In and out of the country, stalking incidents have claimed the lives of many victims and left an indescribable void in families. Despite the prevalence of stalking, it is still hard to see anyone fall victim to such an insidious crime. If your life has been impacted by a stalker, then you are aware of its seriousness and the volatility it creates within victims' lives. On this site, we will share information about services within the community such as availability of local shelters, procedures for obtaining protective orders, and other miscellaneous services available to victims that are not readily publicized.

Our Goal

It is our goal to raise awareness about this low profile crime. Join our support group and share your story with other victims. Sharing could provide you with increased emotional healing since stalking affects people in many different ways. The support group is designed to equip women with knowledge and awareness for safety planning, development of self-esteem, and the tools necessary for forward progression of their lives. This will be facilitated by providing them the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with women of similar background in a nurturing and caring.

Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide advocacy, awareness, and education to the community about the dangers and impact of stalking.

    With a commitment to inform, Lend Ah Hand SSG will equip victims with the necessary tools to effectively address their most imminent concerns by reducing the stigma, guilt, and shame associated with being stalked. It is our belief to build a community that will be vocal and intolerant of stalking. Victims will have an increased awareness about the proper channels to follow in order to STOP a crime that has ruined or prematurely ended many lives. It is LAH's mission to help victims regain a sense of security and pride.

      LAH  does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, socio-economic level, education or religion. Lastly, anyone who supports our mission and purpose is welcome to participate free of charge.