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Lend Ah Hand
was founded by Daria Vinning in hopes of providing comfort, emotional stability, and encouragement to victims suffering from stalking incidents. Having witnessed domestic violence in her youth and stalking in her adulthood, it is through God's vision and her experience that she seeks to inspire, motivate, and encourage other victims to move forward towards a healthier lifestyle. As a victim, it took years for her to realize the bigger picture and recover from the effects of stalking. Through Lend Ah Hand, she seeks to impact the lives of others by providing them with the wisdom and knowledge gained from her personal experiences.   

Lastly, Daria wants you to know that you are not alone and that the first step healing is to reach out for help. Join Lend Ah Hand and share your story to begin healing process ONE STEP at a time...

Angela Bolden~Co-Facilitator

Angela M. Bolden has always had a passion for humane concerns. These concerns range from domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, women’s rights/safety and early adolescent mentoring.  Early in her childhood she experienced domestic violence in her home between her parents. Later on in her adult life, she found herself facing domestic violence in past relationships and she knew this was not the path she wanted to continue on in her life. As time passed she decided to return to school in an undergraduate program and study Criminal Justice Administration. The information that she retained from her studies made her more cognizant of the judicial system and what resources were available to those seeking assistance.  While pursuing her undergrad degree, she became a volunteer at the Battered Women’s shelter. This experience provided her a better outlook of what she had experienced emotionally and physically.  But it also allowed her to support women that have dealt with abuse and assist them for what the future may hold during the process of them returning to society.

As time passed, she still felt the need to discover more about individuals especially their thinking pattern. So she immediately re-enrolled in school to obtain her Master’s of Science in Psychology. This degree would furnish her with the knowledge and understanding that is needed when faced in various situations regarding certain individuals from everyday citizens to criminals.

Through Lend Ah Hand Stalking Support Group she will be able to utilize her skills and knowledge obtained from her schooling and volunteering to help survivors regain their sense of normalcy as well as to help them move forward to a healthier lifestyle.

Angela M. Bolden, BSCJA, MSP