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Helpful Resources
  • Battered Women's Program (CAFVIC) / 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 225.389.3001 or 800.541.9706
  • Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center (The Phone) 225.924.3900
  • East Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court 225.389.4705
  • Louisiana Commission of Law Enforcement and Administration 225.342.1749
  • Our Lady of the Lake COPE TEAM 225.765.8900
  • Sexual Trauma Awareness Response Center (STAR) 225.615.7093
  • Victims are encourage to keep a log of all stalking behavior including e-mails and phone messages. The log, as well as any gifts or letters the stalkers sends the victim, can be collected and used as evidence. The evidence will help prove what has been going on if the victim decides to report the stalking to the police or apply for a protective order.

    • To download a copy visit click on help for victims and scroll down to the Stalking Incidents and Behavior Log.
  • "Keeping a journal of all incidents not only assisted me with obtaining my protective order, it also helped when my stalker violated the protective order and was arrested. I was not aware of this behavior log when I went through my ordeal but I believe if I had known about the log, I would have been better organized with keeping all of my information together. This would have been one less stress factor. This is a very valuable tool to have. If you are victim, download your copy today. I will also have copies on hand at group meetings."  Daria Vinning, Founder